- singer-songwriter and painter

The words of an critic:

The art of Tine Mynster is abstract, filled with gifts and often in large formats.

You could only do them justice by calling them abstractly redeeming. This becomes clear when looking at the works of the incredibly clever painter, Tine Mynster. It is a cascade of interesting colors, mixing in and out of each other - as if everything that has to be told comes from every edge and in every variation. 

Tine was born in Denmark in 1968 and lives with her husband on the small island of Alrø. It is here, in the beautiful nature, Tine finds her largest inspiration and the key to her creativity.

In the work, “Spread your wings and fly”, the red and orange colors mix with a violet-rose nuance and in the middle, a figure appears: maybe a dancer with something white on her head. Maybe she will dance towards you, maybe she won’t - but that’s the beauty of the abstract, as the spectator doesn’t know anything with certainty. Maybe, maybe not.

Photographer: Jens Hasse Vejen-Brunhøj

Tine Mynster

Tine Mynster

TINE MYNSTER - poetic abstractions