"You can call her paintings  poetic abstractions - or abstract redeeming. That's the feeling you get when you look at the incredibly giftet painter Tine Mynster."

This is the beginning of an press text made at an exhibition in April 2020 in Almhaga Art Gallery, Sweden.

Tine Mynster is a part the Almhaga Team but she is also by her own. She is having exhibitions in her own Gallery Mynster  - in which you can come and have a look at her painting works.

Coming international exhibitions:

MADS Milano - Dream Rooms - Digital exhibition 


Wall Talk - Digital exhibition



Context Art Gallery - Treviso, Italy 


Art Expo New York City - postponed until october 2020

Artifact Art Gallery - January 2022

Please send an email for further information.

Please take a look at my facebook and Instagram profiles  to see more about my artworks and myself

TINE MYNSTER - poetic abstractions